How To Use NetIntel Pro

Prebuilt Scripts

I have provided two prebuilt scripts that will allow you to build HTML reports and dump addresses for Nmap scans. You will need to add your API key to the scripts before you can use them.

HTML Report

You can use the script to create an HTML report that includes all of the gathered data. You can see a sample report by selecting the Sample Report link in the navigation bar. To build a report for a domain use the following command:

./ domain

The script will print out a report name, which you can use to rebuild the report later without rerunning the DNS scans. In addition, the script will create a file called report_timestamp.html, where timestamp is the current epoch time. You can view the report in any browser. To build a report from a previous domain search use the following command:

./ report report_name

Nmap List

If you want to print a list of external addresses associated with a domain so that you can feed them to Nmap or any other tool, use the script. The usage is the same as the HTML Report script except that you must specify whether you want the external IPv4 addresses, the IPv6 addresses, the network blocks, or all three:

./ external domain


./ external report report_name

For both scripts use the -h command for more detailed usage information. Also keep in mind that some DNS scans take much longer than others depending on the domains DNS servers. When performing a new domain query by using the domain command, these scripts may time out and tell you to run them again later. If this happens, wait a 5-10 minutes and try the scripts again using the provided report_name. If you do not get the data you expect after running the scripts a few times please contact us at [email protected]

Custom Scripts

Use the programming language of your choice to send a POST request to with the domain and apikey parameters set in the body. You can then parse the JSON response to access the gathered data. Each dataset is also a JSON object that must be parsed.